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Lived experience Leadership.

We equip young people with the lived experience of mental health conditions with the right tools to advocate for mental health at community level. 

Peer Support

We provide culturally appropriate peer to peer support to young people experiencing poor mental mental health and their families.

Referral to professional care 

We recommend and refer young people and their families to specialized mental health care and support.

Awareness Raising 

We educate others about mental health problems by sharing our stories openly and without shame to change perceptions.


We continuously carryout research to learn from what we do, and improve our programs or methods of work.

Mental health information

We seek to make mental health information accessible to young people in schools, and communities

We want to change the way young people think and act about mental health problems. People need to appreciate that mental health challenges can affect anyone irrespective of their age, sex or religion and cultural beliefs. 


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